A new investing experiment: WTF🧪

I have no idea what I’m doing

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Role Models

I’m going to keep it real with you. A key part of starting Witty was to figure out how to play the stock market better. 

What’s a better way than learning from the best? So far we’ve explored Robot Warren Buffett, Davey Day Trader, and Chamath. Three investors who play the game in a different, yet authentic way.

After learning each of their styles, I, as a techie millennial HENRY, realized who I most want to invest like: Chamath.

Why? It’s straightforward.

The companies he invests in have potential to change the future: 

  • Amazon with the online everything store

  • Slack with remote work

  • Tesla with electric cars

  • Virgin Galactic with space travel


Here’s this crazy idea I’m considering. And to be clear - I have no idea what I’m doing.

The idea is called the ‘Witty Transparency Fund’ (WTF).

I’d put $100k into an investing account and the goal would be to invest like Chamath. WTF would focus on growth tech stocks that are both great businesses and can also change the world. 

We’d analyze these stocks in a way you and I can understand. Not some wordy memo that makes your eyes glaze over.

Everything about it would be transparent. Research about the stocks. Debates on whether to invest. Updates on positions and performance.

While in an ideal world, WTF would make tendies, the real purpose is different. The aim is to understand these companies, get a better view of the future, and have laughs along the way.

P.S. - for legal reasons, it won’t be investment advice.


I’m a believer in technology. I understand how these companies work! Davey Day Trader may root for humanity, but Chamath is shepherding it. Robot Warren has mostly avoided investing in tech ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. 

Chamath is a buy and hold investor. He plans to hold his investments for decades. It tests patience, but allows for companies to seize the big picture

Day trading like Dave Portnoy is unpredictable. It’s about herding sheep and leads to pumping and dumping penny stocks for lulz. It’s not a game worth playing long term.

Finally, Chamath has a witty drip. He communicates in a sharp, humorous, and real way.

In a modified ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ story - here’s how I think about these three investors.

Robot Warren Buffett? No. Too boring.

Davey Day Trader? No. Too risky.

Chamath Palihapitiya? Yes! Just right. 


Believe it or not, emulating Chamath’s style feels like being on a lonely island.

Popular online communities like r/wallstreetbets are entertaining, yet focus on day trading and options. TV channels like CNBC are boring and focused on gen-x and boomer blue chip stocks. Across both it’s hard to tell what’s propaganda vs what’s edutainment. 

It leaves me itching:

  • Where can I learn about growth tech stocks in a light hearted way?

  • Where’s the community to confide in?

  • Where can we talk about the long term?

  • For pete’s sake - where’s Wilson?!

What do you want to see?

What do you think about WTF? Is this something that strikes a nerve?

I’d love to talk to you about your investing problems and style. Please reply to this if you are up to brief chat. 

Much love,